the market

With an in-depth understanding of the product and target market, we work together with marketing and product management to define a use case. This forms the cornerstone of successful commercialisation with a clearly defined goal in mind.

Strategy & BD

& Market Assessment

Unfortunately, even the best product doesn't sell itself. With an accurate understanding of the market, customers, competition and target group, it is possible to respond optimally to the requirements of the market. We analyse the parameters which hold the key to our customer's success.

Strategy & BD


For the best result, it is important for us to consider all functions within the company which are directly and indirectly involved in the success of the product as an integrated process. We work together to prepare a customised performance promise, an ideal pricing strategy and the most promising marketing measures.

Strategy & BD


An in-depth understanding of one's customers pays off for all companies. We analyse potential target groups in detail, find weak points and improvement opportunities along the customer journey and define "key buying factors" and "buying centers" for structured and measurable processes.

Strategy & BD

Market & Competition

Only those who know their competitors can successfully set themselves apart, carve out unique selling points, uncover opportunities for optimisation and control their own market positioning. For this purpose we conduct accurate market & product research, gap analysis, and interviews and assess market trends and changes.