& Assessment

Every company works differently. To begin with, our job is to listen and to understand the company’s unique DNA. Getting to know the world our customers live in is the key to our success. We familiarise ourselves with the company, the organisation and the internal and external processes. Using snapshot and discovery workshops, our analysis is put to paper in the form of a results report.


& Measures

Based on our analysis, we jointly define measures for optimal development of the company. In order to establish and/or optimise procedures and processes, we e.g. identify potential interfaces between individual sections. This step also creates the framework for efficiently defining an understanding for the reciprocal requirements and expectations and to clearly set out the scope of the collaboration.


& Realisation

The jointly developed processes, methods and structures are established and put into practice in the company. In order to ensure sustainable implementation of the defined measures, zealaxx provides support over the defined project timeframe. We work with a “Hands on mentality” within company operations and at the same time look after building, reorganising and expanding teams and equipping these with lots of practical know-how and new competencies.


Fine Tuning & Phase-Out

The goal is to provide companies with everything they need in order to succeed. Once the point has been reached where the company can independently continue stable operations, it is time for us to go. During a smooth “phase out phase”, we step back from operational processes bit by bit and leave behind an organisation in great condition for success.