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Qualification of existing or generation of new leads well as identification of the right contact in the company: sophisticated sales development ensures that leads can be processed optimally and ideally passed on directly to sales.

Sales Development


Good lead management only succeeds with optimised processes. We work with the customer to analyse what can be improved. Because knowing one's customers and strengths in sales development is necessary to approach new contacts in a targeted manner and increase performance.

Sales Development

Sales Development Methodology

With our methodology, we want to equip our customers with a tool for successful sales development. We show what makes for good preparation, what is important with regard to research and naturally how leads can successfully be brought to conclusion of a contract.

Sales Development

& Support

In day-to-day business operations, we help our customers identify the right contacts and purchase decision makers in the target companies (Buying Centre) and to establish, develop and foster this relationship in a targeted manner. Upon request, we provide support along the entire sales cycle.

Sales Development

Ongoing Training
& Coaching

Customised. Comprehensible. Targeted. Through our training and coaching, we build sales development teams or train staff for our customers. In these, we show how individual techniques in the acquisition, market analysis, dialogue, and argumentation as well as closing techniques are used to reach and convince the distinct target group reliably and effectively.
»Thanks to zealaxx we were able to achieve excellent results in terms of show-up rates, participant quality and follow-up, especially regarding participant acquisition for our webcasts.«
Ingmar Wolf, Vice President Sales wealthpilot GmbH